Prayer Quilt Ministry

Our quilt ministry has been active since 2006.  The Prayer Quilt Ministry was founded on the universal religious truth that God is Love.  The ministry has never restricted to a single faith those who can receive the quilts or those who can make the quilts.  Since 2006 we have provided comforting quilts with prayers tied into every knot to individuals both locally and afar, to the homeless and domestic violence shelters of Cochise County, to victims of fire, and to people in hospice.  The Quilt Ministry is once again active after a hiatus caused by the COVID crisis. 

Pastoral Care Team

For many years, St. Raphael has had a vicar’s discretionary fund, from which a vicar may make charitable contributions to those in need, e.g., travelers in need of a night’s housing, someone who needs help with an unexpected expense, etc.  In 2019 we launched a Pastoral Care Team to help with the spiritual needs of members in our community. During the COVID pandemic, when the church was not meeting for in-person worship, the PCT maintained a schedule of calling everyone on our contact list on a weekly basis to check up on their health and/or needs.  In 2022 the PCT assumed responsibility for material as well as spiritual needs of those in our community who need help.

Altar Guild

The ceremony and tradition in this ministry are the backbone of our services.  We don’t always see the ladies of the Altar Guild doing their work, because they come before the Service and stay after, making sure that the Sacrament and all the trappings are clean and in place.  Their ministry of love assures that we all are fed at the Table.