What’s Special About St Raphael

We are an experiment in structuring small churches serving two denominations with agreed-upon shared communion. This means that the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America share many common elements of belief.

We find that this blending brings extra richness and vitality to our worship and spiritual experience.  Being relatively small (20-40 worshipers on Sundays) we can also be experimental. We have been in this experiment since November 2021 and thriving. As a mission church, we are under the authority of our Bishops:

Bishop’s Committee

Our congregation is directed by our Bishop’s Committee. Its leadership is appointed by the Bishops.  Additional committee members are elected by the congregation.

Sr Warden: Barbara Lopes
Jr Wardens: Karla Jacks, John Manning
Treasurer: Kathy Suagee
Clerk: Kate Daniel

Members at Large:
Belinda Hernandez
Chuck Dupuis
Susan Roselle

Clergy Support

We receive clergy support, and spiritual and pastoral guidance from the clergy of St Stephens Episcopal Church and Sierra Evangelical Church (ELCA) in Sierra Vista, Arizona.