For a church as active as ours, even though we’re small, there’s always a lot going on.  During the summer we may have only 20 people on a Sunday and we’ve listed 20 ministries below. 

As you can imagine, we’re happy to have your help.  It’s the best way to get to know people.

Mention your interest by email or in person and we’ll help you get started.  On the road a lot or only here seasonally? There are several opportunities that can easily be managed occasionally and/or remotely.

ALTAR GUILD: Our Altar Guild ministry supports the clergy in all forms of worship by preparing the altar, communion vessels, and clerical vestments. We care for the candles, altar linens and hangings, vestments, and vessels.

ACOLYTES: Acolytes carry the cross and candles during the processional and recessional hymns and participate in Holy Eucharist by assisting the Celebrant.

BUILDINGS AND LANDSCAPE:  Coordinated by the Junior Wardens, these volunteers supplement our very limited paid cleaning and landscape workers to assure the maintenance of clean and functional building and grounds.  Includes assistance with shopping for supplies, replacement of equipment, inventory, etc.

COMMUNITY MEETINGS AND EVENTS: St Raphael frequently hosts community meetings, programs, concerts, and groups with the approval by the Bishop’s Committee.

FARM FRESH:  In cooperation with Eric Hess and Dragoon Range Farms, we host seasonal sales of fresh produce as well as programs on related topics.

FINANCE:  In support of the Treasurer, members of this ministry count donations, make deposits, and assist with stewardship and other related activities.  The Finance Committee is comprised of the Treasurer, Sr Warden, and Clergy to develop and present the annual budget.

GRIEF/LOSS GROUP: Open to the entire community, this group meets on Tuesday mornings in the church at 9:00 a.m.

HOSPITALITY:  Providing refreshments for Sunday fellowship as well as special services and occasions, the Hospitality ministry welcomes all contributions. Assistance with preparation and clean-up as well drinks and food.

LAY READERS: Lay Readers read the lessons and lead the recitation of the Psalm for each service, as well as read the “Prayers of the People.”

MEN’S GROUP: Open to the community as well as St Raphael members, this is one of our newest ministries. Meetings are generally on Mondays. For specific meeting times, please contact Mark Suagee at

MUSIC: Our music ministry includes instrumental and voice opportunities.  Our choir is soon to be re-organized following pandemic suspension.  We welcome all who are interested.

OFFICE: Assists with filing, copying, reports, correspondence, organization, and other office tasks.

PASTORAL CARE TEAM: The definition of outreach is that of “providing services and benefits to one’s community.” This is a function of our trained Pastoral Care Team.  It is a key ministry, making it possible to provide care without overburdening our clergy.

PROCLAIM THE WORD:  Provides publicity for activities and events via social media, print ads, posters, signs, marquee, etc.  Maintains and updates Web and Facebook pages.

QUILT GROUP: Every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., volunteers from the community and the membership gather for St. Raphael’s Quilters Group. The quilts are used as prayer quilts as well as for Hospice, Nursing Homes, and Shelters. 

SERVICE BULLETINS:  This ministry amends and prepares service bulletins and inserts for services. Coordinates with the Worship ministry for planning.

STEWARDSHIP:  This ministry is active throughout the year, assuring that gifts of time, treasure, and talent are identified, utilized, and celebrated.

TECHNOLOGY:  Prepares, manages, and monitors equipment for broadcasting services on Facebook Live.  Also arranges equipment for conducting meetings and programs via Zoom.

WORSHIP:  With representatives of the Altar Guild, Music, Service Bulletin, clergy, and other ministries, this ministry plans for Sunday worship and special services throughout the year.

USHERS/GREETERS: This most important ministry involves making visitors to St. Raphael feel comfortable the minute they walk through our front door. A good first impression is vital to making visitors become active parishioners.